Current Quarantine Reccomendations

UpdatedWednesday September 22, 2021 byChristine DiNicola.

Current Quarantine Reccomendations

Schools have been quarantining kids from class due to Covid cases in the classroom.

Here is the current ocean county health department protocol that our team will be following:

If someone in your house is sick, please don’t send your player to baseball.

If someone in your household is getting tested because they’re symptomatic, please don’t send your player to baseball (unless/until you get a negative test result back)

If your player is a ‘close contact’ to someone that is positive (outside of the household), in 5+ days from that exposure they can test. If that test is negative, they can return.

If there is a positive in your home, your player can return after 14 days as long as there are no symptoms.

Please err on the side of caution if someone is not feeling well.